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As you have probably heard, Regional Health Labs are going to transition to Beckman Coulter’s new High Sensitivity Troponin (hsTnI). Compared to contemporary troponin assays, high-sensitivity assays demonstrate significantly improved precision at and below the 99th percentile URL. This allows for better discrimination of small differences in cTn values between serial measurements leading to better patient care.

Key points:

  • Units change from ng/mL to pg/mL. Whole numbers are easier to read and trend: e.g. 0.03 ng/mL will be 30 pg/mL.
  • There will be different reference ranges for male and females enabling more accurate identification of women with AMI.
  • The hsTnI reagent will be the same order number for both Access2 and DxI instruments.

Currently a decision team is being developed to include physician champions from key departments to build algorithms, determine serial draw protocol and establish a delta that would suggest an MI. A go-live date will be forthcoming, stay tuned.